„Get to know OSI!” campaign

In our childhood each of us dreamt secretly of taking a look into our parent’s workplace. Ultimately, it is work that plays an important role in the life of economically active people. Showing even a small part of our professional reality, our daily duties enables our children to satisfy their curiosity and provides opportunity to present ourselves from a completely different, unfamiliar perspective. 

On 10-11 April „Get to know OSI” campaign was held! The action was aimed at all our employees’ children aged between 6 and 16 years, who were willing to get to know their parent’s workplace. Due to the fact that the number of children interested in participating in the action was large and because of the age diversity, we decided to divide the participants into two groups, who realized the plan on two separate days.

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to multimedia presentation, the goal of which was introducing the history,  mission and core values of the company to the children. Next, each parent’s task was to demonstrate their work position in an interesting way. Children learnt the specificity of the jobs of safety officer, environmental and fire protection specialist, production manager and foreman, accountant, finance and administration director, purchase department director, IT specialists, settlement specialists, HR specialists, supply, logistics and sales specialists, livestock storage manager and purchase representative.

Following the theoretical part there was time for sightseeing which started off in the office part of the building. Participants visited the open space hall and the server room. After that, occupational health and safety department representative showed the children around the outside part of the yard, starting from the gatehouse, shipping office, maintenance office and finishing by the summer livestock storage area. The third part of the meeting was a visit to the socio-sanitary area of the production hall which could be reached after going down and through a lock. Then the children dressed in protective clothing and equipped with helmets visited, among others, the canteen and quality assurance department office. They were also properly instructed in handwashing, which apart from worthy knowledge brought a lot of smiles to their faces.

The meeting was fulfilled with fun and games which engaged all participants! The younger children played Memory game to improve their retention skills. Members of the older group aged above 9 years took part in a quiz about Easter and FOODWORKS company facts.  At the end of the meeting sweet delights were offered and gifts were distributed among the participants!

The children participated actively in every stage of the meeting and most importantly smiles were lightening their faces all the time! We hope that the campaign will become our tradition and we will more frequently be a host to one of the, if not the most important OSI guests!