Police Run in Góra

9th Police Run- 9th Polish Championships of Police Officers were held on Saturday, August 25th on the sports stadium in Góra. This year’s edition attracted high interest. 299 participants from different parts of Poland entered the run. The total distance of the run was 10km. It was divided into four loops and led along the streets of the city, mainly asphalt roads.

Run started at 4p.m. and despite inclement rainy weather 215 people showed up at the start. Employees of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS– Natalia Symulewicz, Marcin Ćwian and Tomasz Macyna also participated in the competition. Our company, once again, had the honor to sponsor the run, which was an excellent way of encouraging healthy lifestyle that we support and promote as well.

Warm congratulations to all runners! We keep our fingers crossed for your next success.

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage more people to actively spend time and take up new sports challenges!