Central Agricultural Fair Nadarzyn 2019

Last weekend, the purchase department of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS participated in the third edition of Central Agricultural Fair in Nadarzyn.

This fair is one of the biggest events of its kind in Poland. More than 300 both national and global exhibitors, three exhibition halls with a total area of nearly 70,000 m2 and thousands of visitors! Central Agricultural Fair 2019 included a series of conferences and thematic seminars organized in collaboration with industry organizations and associations, as well as shows and product demonstrations.

The exhibition was arranged according to 5 thematic zones. The first zone „Farm of the future” was the lead theme of this year’s trade fairs. The main attractions included two mini model farms, one with a plant production profile and the other with an animal production profile. The largest sector was „Agricultural technology zone” where state of the art agricultural machinery and equipment were presented. In addition to the previously mentioned, visitors held the opportunity to take a glance at the following zones: “Good food”, “Agricultural Production Agents” and “AGRO Industry Consultancy and Services” promoting production, processing and sales and distribution of agri-food products.

An event of such a large scale presents an excellent opportunity to establish cooperation with new counterparties and maintain the relations with our regular breeders. This year farmers looked for particularly honest, reliable and solvent buyers, which represent priorities, taking into account the current market situation. OSI POLAND FOODWORKS as an indispensable Partner and Supplier fulfills the expectations of breeders. We offer high service standards, fair settlement, reliable payments and contracting system enabling sustainable development of the cattle farm and higher purchase prices!

We look forward to working with you!