Hello school!

This year’s summer holidays came to an end. On September 3rd every single pupil and student started their “School adventure”! Our company OSI POLAND FOODWORKS decided to make the bitter start a bit sweeter for the residing in Chróścina pupils of Primary School and Kindergarten Complex in Witoszyce by presenting them with school starter kits!

Mrs. Katarzyna Maksymczuk, the village leader, invited all children to gather on the playground on the first Saturday of September, to participate in multiple games and contests and moreover to taste delicious grilled sausages. It was an excellent opportunity to enjoy remaining moments off from school.

Representatives of OSI handed out 56 packages altogether. They included all essential school starter kits elements-among others, notebooks, crayons, pencils, scissors and plasticine. The children reached for the gifts happily and showed remarkable interest while unpacking the kits.

We wish good luck in the new school year to every pupil and student. We keep our fingers crossed for your every academic success!