Co-financing rehabilitation holidays

OSI POLAND FOODWORKS co-financed rehabilitation holidays for students of Special Education School Complex in Żmigród. This year a group of forty went to Darłówko.

On the last day of April children with their caregivers headed for the Polish seaside, where they spent a fortnight in Piramida II, a holiday and rehabilitation center. Such trips are a perfect opportunity to change surroundings and learn! Besides rehabilitation children could learn and play in the open air. All of that thanks to beautiful weather and character of the area.

Children spent their free time mainly on trips! They visited the Apiary in Krzemienica, the Cathedral and the new pier. They admired the panorama of Darłówko and took a cruise ship to finally visit a 7D cinema! Holidays by the seaside had to include daily strolls along the sea shore and resting on the beach.

Change of surroundings and climate are an extremely important developmental aspect for the children of Special Education School Complex. We are delighted that we could involve in co- financing the trip which gave joy to all its participants!