Dairy Farm Day

Representatives of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS purchase department took part in 3rd National Dairy Farm Day on September 4th. Over 300 breeders and milk producers met in Domaniewice (Łódź Voivodship) on the farm of Mr. Sylwester Imiołek in order to address issues concerning dairy cattle breeding.

Discussions covered the topic of advancement in fodder production and cattle feeding.  More than 50 varieties of maize harvested for silage were presented and fodder mixing vehicles of leading manufacturers were compared. Each participant had a chance to take part in nutrition and agronomic consultations.

During trainings specialists discussed, among others, the topic of monitoring the cattle and keeping the entire herd within the arm’s reach. Other issues explored during the trainings included: contagious diseases risk management on a farm, dairy cattle feeding and cattle reproduction.  A press conference was organized. Questions raised at the press conference concerned the future of dairy cattle breeding and dairy companies and forecasts were presented regarding changes in dairy industry in the coming months.

The opportunity to visit the remarkable farm of Mrs. Wioletta and Mr. Sylwester Imiołek provided an additional attraction. The farm includes a herd of more than 500 cows and is equipped with state-of-the-art rotary parlor. Moreover there was a show of agricultural machinery and a stroll along the maize fields.

The event provided another opportunity for our representatives to hold talks with the breeders and take part in discussions about positive changes in the approach to cattle breeding.

We are sure to check in at the next year’s edition again!