OSI POLAND FOODWORKS is one of the national representatives of the American concern OSI GROUP owning production plants in 17 countries and employing 20,000 workers.

As a result of large investment expenditures, the plant located in Chróścina (on the border of the Lower Silesian and Greater Poland Voivodships) was aimed for slaughter of slaughter cattle and cutting of beef. Thanks to the implemented quality standards of production in force in the whole OSI Group, the abattoir quickly obtained the IFS FOOD 5.0 certificate, followed by IFS FOOD v. 6 (International Food Standard), ISO 22000 and McDonald’s Supplier Standard.

Production activity started in 2011. Initially, the level of slaughter amounted to 32 thousand cattle, and cutting reached 4 thousand tonnes. 2012 was a decisive year,as the plant showed an increase of 50% – the slaughtering level amounted to 48 thousand, and the cutting reached 7 thousand tonnes. From year to year, OSI POLAND FOODWORKS successively increases the production level. In 2019 the number of slaughtered animals amounted to over 82 thousand, and the cutting reched 23 thousand tonnes of meat. Continuous development also affects the level of employment, which has increased several times over the past few years and amounts to 350 employees.

OSI POLAND FOODWORKS is today one of the largest slaughtering and cutting plant operating on the Polish market of bovine animals for slaughter, with market share of notable 5,5%. Monthly production level equals 6 850 cattle heads slaughter and a cutting of over 1 900 tons of beef.

Representing mainly production facilities for European structures of OSI GROUP, OSI POLAND FOODWORKS supplies primarily foreign customers with beef products. The plant has extensive export authorization.

The stability of the plant guarantees the presence in OSI GROUP’s global sales networks. Organizational and capital facilities of the OSI concern are also a strong support for ambitious plans for the development of the plant, thanks to which OSI POLAND FOODWORKS dynamically increases the scale of slaughter, increasing its shares in the Polish and global market.

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