Production plant in Chróścina meets the most restrictive requirements in terms of food safety, including quality requirements in accordance with IFS (International Food Standard) FOOD v.6.0.

Quality and safety assurance

1. Level 1 Control – the internal control of implementation and maintaining food safety and health quality system developed by the plant- „HACCP- Risk analysis and critical check points” and external audits, plant-independent, performer by specialized official food control bodies.

2. Level 2 Control – additional international food quality standards (IFS v. 6.00 International Food Standard), the fulfillment of which is verified periodically by independent certifying bodies. These additional standards required by customers in the form of international certificates IFS 6.00 (International Food Standard) verified through regular independent audits.

3. Level 3 Control – audits conducted in accordance with customers’ standards, the fulfillment of which requires verification by independent auditing bodies or customer’s auditors or audits conducted by the customers and in accordance with their standards e.g.

  • McDonald’s Food Standard
  • Hilton Food
  • LIDL
  • Biedronka

4. Level 4 Control – ensured by general production quality and safety control, typical for global concerns, reporting directly to the board, which guarantees their complete independence.

Owing to the compliance with restrictive production quality norms OSI POLAND FOODWORKS currently supplies beef to the most demanding customers, including the largest national and foreign retailers.

OSI POLAND FOODWORKS as one of the few companies is certified to produce and mark our food products with eco-label, which confirms that our beef production process is compliant with the requirements of Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 on organic production and labelling of organic food products.