The mission of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS is aimed at production of premium quality beef on the basis of lasting partnership with cattle breeders, who thanks to transparent cooperation principles, high business culture, fair financial settlement and market valuation of the livestock, are able to shape the development of their farms and breeding in the long term perspective.

To realize the mission company primarily offers breeders a contracting system, which ensures additional premiums to the market price of the livestock and allows sustainable development of the breeding and the farm. Thanks to auditing system of farms under contracts, OSI Poland is able to control livestock quality from the early stages of the animals’ lives long before purchase.

Quality and safety assurance supervision over meat production in OSI POLAND FOODWORKS on the other hand consists of four steps, which guarantees maximum safety and premium quality of our food products. More about quality policy

By realization of company’s mission OSI POLAND FOODWORKS contributes to realization of the whole OSI GROUP mission „ of being an indispensable and reliable Partner and Supplier”. It enables the Group to effectively implement its vision of „being, on a global scale, a key food supplier for the leading global brands.