Integration of cutting department

Beautiful weather and a strong desire to compete- this is how we can define the sunny afternoon of June 29th, which the employees of the cutting department of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS spent in Serby near Głogów, where they fought in a true paintball battle.

Two teams, two leaders and one aim- victory! Well-thought tactics was the key to success and helped avoid being covered in colorful paint. Beside combat, great fun was what counted most. After the tough and fierce battle, there was some time for relaxation- a barbecue accompanied by the guitar.

Integration of staff is a process, which supports building and combining a team, fosters good atmosphere and lets us see our colleauges from a different perspective. Elimination of problems in co-workers’ relations is an incentive for more intensive and effective performance at work. A close-knit team is the backbone of the entire company, without which success is unattainable.