Conference in Węgierki

A conference organized by OSI POLAND FOODWORKS, whose main subject was animal welfare, took place on February 27 in Węgierki in the Wielkopolska Voivodship.

As an introduction, the purchasing director Marek Dudzinski talked about the history of our company and started the part about transporting animals. The presentation included definition of animal welfare and key provisions regarding the loading, transport and unloading of animals for slaughter.

Then Mrs. Karolina Czekała, District Inspector of Veterinary in Słupca, presented in detail good breeding practices, including the purity of cattle, which plays an important role in the sales process, by affecting the price. In December 2019, regulations came into force that as part of the pre slaughtering inspection, the Official Veterinarian checks if the animals have clean skin or fleece, so as to avoid any risk of contaminating fresh meat during slaughtery. The Inspector also supplemented the knowledge about the identification and registration of cattle, which are among the basic regulations covering animals for slaughter. This part of the meeting ended with the subject of necessity slaughter.

The third segment of the meeting was the speech of a De Heus representative who discussed about cow signals, i.e. the basic behaviour and needs of cattle. The presentation contained plenty of practical tips that help in understanding these farm animals.

Each subsequent conference or meeting enabling our representatives direct contact with breeders is a new experience thanks to which we know what to talk about, what knowledge to grind among the hosts so as to act in our mutual benefit.