OSI FOODWORKS Team in Run with the Police

The tenth edition of Run with the Police event took place on August 31st. 260 competitors including OSI POLAND FOODWORKS Team of 5 members ran along the streets of Góra.

Boiling hot temperature, fierce competition, joy of crossing the finish line”– this is how Marcin Ćwian, cutting department manager at the plant in Chróścina, describes the day briefly.

At 4 p.m., all participants started the 10-kilometre run, which was divided into 4 loops. Unfortunately, the temperature was not favorable. The last day of August was one of the hottest of the past week.

„We all reached the finish line. Despite an injury of one of our team’s members, we still managed to complete the task. The satisfaction we felt at the finish line is hard to describe, even though our results were not the best. We supported each other all throughout the run until the finish” –adds Marcin.

We would like to congratulate to OSI FOODWORKS Team including Natalia Symulewicz, Tomek Macyna, Paweł Feledyn, Marcin Ćwian and Paweł Chmiel on their perseverance and fortitude. Your attitude of mutual support is special and exemplary. We keep our fingers crossed for further sports achievements and are awaiting another races representing OSI.