Performance review of Purchase Department

Departmental meetings pose an excellent opportunity to take stock of current performance, to exchange views as well as establish relations, particularly with new employees. Purchase Department of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS met in Marina Hotel in Żnin on 12-13Th April in order to review on the past quarter of 2018.

Quarterly meetings have formed a sort of tradition, which employees from 3 purchase points take part in. This meeting was exceptional due to personnel changes. Marek Dudzinski has taken the position of acting purchase department director and Mateusz Maszczenko has become purchase representatives manager.

The first day focused on increasing the knowledge of animal welfare and ended with a test. Its results have enabled us to learn what information needs to be revised in order to best fulfill animal welfare requirements regarding cattle for slaughter. The other day concentrated on current performance review and presentation of objectives for the following 3 months. New employees explained their professional competence development and referred to building partner relations with breeders.

We wish the purchase department success in achieving their objectives!