With regard to implemented production expansion policy OSI POLAND FOODWORKS is continuously searching for new high quality livestock suppliersLivestock suppliers.

What are the benefits of cooperating with OSI POLAND FOODWORKS?

The sustainability of the production plant guarantees commercial presence in the global sales channels of OSI GROUP. Furthermore organizational and capital background from OSI GROUP constitutes solid support for the ambitious plans of plant expansion, thanks to which OSI POLAND FOODWORKS dynamically expand its slaughter capacity, increasing its market share with success. The abovementioned also guarantees financial credibility of the Polish unit.

Being part of a global concern, the plant benefits from its cultural heritage and offers breeders high standards of service, reliable payments and contracting system allowing sustainable breeding growth and higher purchase prices.

The mission of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS is expressed in premium quality beef production based on lasting partnership with cattle breeders owing to transparent cooperation principles, high organizational culture, fair financial settlement and market valuation of livestock.

Cooperation with our company assures:

  • Short payment periods!
  • Reliable slaughter!
  • Company’s transport!
  • Three purchase areas – (dolnośląskie, kujawsko-pomorskie, warmińsko-mazurskie voivodships)!
  • Global standards of cooperation!
  • Contracting system allowing sustainable growth of the breeding and the farm!