Purchase department meeting

On 17th October Purchase department of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS met in Łazienki II Palace in Ciechocinek in order to sum up the operations in 2018 and discuss actions for the coming months.

At noon Marek Dudzinski, the director of the department, welcomed the participants of the meeting who arrived in Ciechocinek. Among them, there were representatives of 3 purchase departments, managerial staff, marketing department representatives and occupational health and safety department. The first part of the meeting was dedicated to summarizing achievements and results to date and analyzing implementation of the assumptions for direct purchase. The plans for 2019, including marketing plans, were also discussed.

2018 was the year of direct purchase development which increased by 5000 heads. We signed 1154 contracts and performed 1432 audits breeding farms. We started active cooperation with 3 cattle assembly and organizing centers. There were also personnel changes. Three more representatives were employed. Altogether there are 11 representatives of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS covering 10 voivodships and one key account manager.

In the field of representation, we attended a few fair events including fairs in Sielinek, Ostróda, Poświętno, Szepietów and Miników, numerous industry meetings, including the ones organized by The Polish Organization of Beef Cattle Breeders and Producers.

Presence of all representatives during the meeting in Ciechocinek offered an excellent opportunity to provide brief trainings regarding the image of a purchase department representative and his or her proper equipment.

At the end we could not miss awards! Three best performing representatives received diplomas and prizes for their scrupulous and diligent performance, exemplary observing all duties and full commitment in purchase market development.

We wish our purchase department a lot of strength and good luck in the implementation of the assumed plans!