Meeting of Greater Poland Association of Breeders and Producers of Beef Cattle in Krobia

90 members of Greater Poland Association of Breeders and Producers of Beef Cattle met yesterday in Krobia in order to elect the president and the Board of the Association, as well as to discuss current situation on the market. As one of the leading beef producers in Poland, we were present at the meeting.

Association has supported beef cattle breeders in Greater Poland for a long time. Among its strategic objectives are: increasing the level of cattle breeding, representing and defending breeders and producers’ interests, protecting their dignity and good reputation and organizing social and cultural activities for members of the Association.

As a result of a vote, Przemysław Jagła was re-elected as the president. He has upheld the key position of the Association for 16 years and has been enjoying the full confidence of his fellow members. The atmosphere of the meeting was quite stormy, all this due to the present condition of the beef market which has been undergoing a crisis for several days. There was a discussion on the situation of farmers and breeders who have been facing the consequences of the ongoing changes.

The stall of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS attracted a considerable interest. A lot of breeders are very familiar with our company and have been cooperating with our purchase department for years. The meeting in Krobia was an excellent opportunity to establish new contacts and exchange phone contact details with potential customers.