Managerial staff training

The third module of managerial staff training for group A was held on January 27th and 28th at Akwawit Hotel in Leszno. The group started their cycle of trainings in May last year. Group B completed the second module a week earlier.

In addition to employees of shipping, lairage, cutting, purchase, quality assurance and maintenance departments of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS, employees of our partner companies, i.e. Climbex and Meat-Pros also participated in the training.

The third part of the training covered the areas of building effective teams. By the means of examples including a football team, the participants were presented with mechanisms accompanying formation of a team that will display engagement in striving toward a common goal. Additionally, the trainees learned about the benefits of differences within a group and also how to constructively solve conflicts accompanying this diversity.

The participants expressed positive opinions about the training. They appreciated particularly its form of lectures and practical classes, as well as the subject matter adjusted to professional practice, the manner of sharing information and relaxed, informal atmosphere.

The whole cycle of trainings consists of 4 modules. Their objective is to form a professional, informed managerial staff capable of managing their subordinate team in an effective manner.