Training on communication

On 3-4th January several employees of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS participated in training: The art of professional telephone communication – how to increase the level of customer satisfaction.

Training was conducted by Dorota Dańczak-Król (LIDERAP Training Center), who introduced the participants into the world of telephone communication with the help of her charismatic personality.

During the training our employees actively mastered selected skills of effective use of telephone as a work tool. They also learnt how to manage phone conversation with customers/suppliers in various emotional states. The training also covered the aspect of different types of customer personality and the participants acquired the skills of selecting tools to encourage communication with those types.

According to the participants the most important benefits from the training are raised awareness of processes that are present during customer service on the phone, creating the algorithm of complaint procedure and realization that every difficult customer is a kind of a teacher.

Gaining new skills and knowledge is an essential part of self-development. Therefore OSI POLAND FOODWORKS support their employees by organizing in-house trainings and enables business trips to different parts of Poland.