Workshops at School Complex in Góra

On April 8th the HR department of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS organized workshops for students at School Complex in Góra, which were targeted at introducing youth into issues related to employment, job market, job application procedures, and also getting to know our company which is one of the largest and the best companies in the municipality of Góra.

At the beginning of the meeting the participants could take advantage of coaching workshops, during which they could analyze their life goals. The next stage was dedicated to multimedia presentations regarding finding an appropriate job offer construction of resume and job interview, during which the most common mistakes were paid special attention to. Practical advice and tips provide excellent support, especially when a professional career has just started gaining momentum. The students learnt how an employer perceives a candidate based only on application forms and also how creating an image in social media influences our success path.

In view of forthcoming holidays, the participants submitted questions about job vacancies in our company, expressing their willingness to take up a job in the period off from school. It provides an excellent opportunity to start their adventure with serious work.

Educating youth in the fields of personal development is an important aspect which has an impact on creating aware future professionals. We are pleased to have established cooperation with the School Complex in Góra and have provided support for the students by sharing our theoretical and practical knowledge.