Children visit at OSI!

February 12th was an exceptionally unique day at OSI POLAND FOODWORKS which brought a lot of positive emotions, all this due to a visit of special, incredible guests- children from the Complex of Special Education Schools in Żmigród.

Learning, fun and lots of smiling are only a few of the words that could describe the event of yesterday. 7 children, aged 10-13, with their care givers came to the production plant in Chróścina in order to get to know our company, and primarily, to take part in vocational training.

The first part of the meeting included a presentation, whose subject matter related to the history of OSI in Poland, the set of values that guide our company. During this presentation children were presented with our department organizational chart of the company which introduced them into the next part of classes. In terms of career guidance we couldn’t do without employers representing different departments, who were fully engaged in introducing their professions to the children. Children learned about the specificity of such working positions as: HR specialist, accountant, purchase department representative, sales department representative, secretary, quality assurance specialist. Apart from theory, children had to display some of the knowledge required to solve tasks and exercises prepared by the trainers. We created an invoice, calculated the value of purchased cattle, wrote a resume and looked German words up in a dictionary. On completion of each task, every participant was granted an award!

The second part of the meeting was a tour of the plant, which turned out to be the most-awaited attraction for the children! First of all, children visited the entrance lock, where they were provided with appropriate outfits and helmets. Next, they were shown the socio-sanitary part of the production department and quality assurance department office. Not had only did children have lots of great fun being instructed on proper handwashing, but they also learned important hygiene aspects. Following these attractions, there was a time for a hot meal. Full of energy, accompanied by a representative of our health and occupational safety department, the children continued their tour outside on the yard. They visited, among others, the shipping department, the maintenance department, the sewage pre-treatment facility and completed their tour in the lairage office.

The students of School Complex in Żmigród actively participated all throughout the day, starting from multimedia presentation, assigned tasks till the very end of the plant tour. It was a very positive and cheerful experience for the employees of OSI because it was the first time our company hosted children at the plant! The smile on their faces was the best reward for the time we devoted. We strongly hope that the acquired knowledge will help them make decisions about their future, professional career, and maybe someday they will join our team at OSI POLAND FOODWORKS!