Volunteers from Witoszyce go to Ukraine

On July 8-19, a group of 22 volunteers from Primary School and Kindergarten Complex in Witoszyce took part in 10th edition of all-Poland Campaign Save From Oblivion the Grave of Your Ancestor. Just like in previous years, the volunteers headed by their caregiver Leszek Stecki set off for the Eastern Borderlands in order to tidy graves that had not been taken care of for many years, forgotten, hidden under trees and bushes.

For 10 years, students and teachers of schools in Lower Silesia have undertaken measures aimed at restoring former glory of Polish graves in Ukraine. The campaign was organized by ‘Studio Wschód’ foundation and TVP Polonia (TV station) under the auspices of Lower Silesia Chief Education Officer.

This year the volunteers from Witoszyce visited graveyards in Sorocko, Laskowce, Howiłów Wielki, Iwanówka and Zaścianocze. The residents of local villages greeted everybody heartily, and some of them even decided to commit to helping the volunteers. Performed work required perseverance and a great deal of hard work. Each day the volunteers uncovered historic gravestones, which hidden under a dense thicket of trees and bushes, had been forgotten for many years.

OSI POLAND FOODWORKS equipped the volunteers with necessary tools and accessories, which facilitated tidying the graves in Ukraine, so as to support this important and noble campaign once again. We bow our heads before and stand in absolute awe of the work performed. We are also pleased to be a part of such important actions.