Support for local community

Supporting local community is an action OSI POLAND FOODWORKS will never hesitate to take! By keeping constantly in touch with the representatives of local authorities we are able to identify existing needs and try to help, at least partially, satisfy them.

Within the last few months we have sponsored, among others, Góra Police Run in August, organized school sets for more than 50 children from Chróścina. We have also co-organized the 3rd edition of Spartakiad for Kindergarten of Primary School and Kindergarten Complex in Witoszyce- we funded beverages, wafers, apples for each participant and awards such as rucksacks. A bigger autumnal investment included purchase of two wooden elements for the playground in Chróścina, which helps make free time pleasant for children.

OSI POLAND FOOWORKS seeks to serve the common good and boost regional development of our production plant’s location by engaging in social affairs. Every action taken makes a little step forward leading to making larger and larger objectives feasible.