We support a foundation!

OSI POLAND FOODWORKS became a partner of the Duda Family Foundation of name Maksymilian Duda!

Willingness to help others is what connects us. The foundation started in 2004 with aim to equalize opportunities and improve the education of children and young people, whose development is hindered by difficult financial situation.

The foundation implements couple social programmes, including Scholarship Programme that helps children and youths to develop in their dream directions. In total, over 400 scholarships have been awarded! As a part of the Duda Academy students participate in workshops that focuses on promoting entrepreneurship and self­-confidence as the foundation of a good life. Another interesting initiative is the project “Plants on a fork”, which is aiming to promote healthy eating.

OSI POLAND FOODWORKS for years has engaged in social affairs. Support of children and youth development is a fundamental action that builds future generations. We are happy that we became a part of the Duda Family Foundation to corporately help others.