11th edition of Bieg Firmowy (Corporate Run) is over!

Proponents of active lifestyle and primarily supporters of helping have gathered on the territory of Physical Education Academy on May 19th! Bieg Firmowy is an event that has been gaining popularity. This year as many as 6500 competitors decided to take part in the relay including representatives of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS. Five-member teams had to run the distance of 25kms.

The idea behind the event is to promote running, spread physical activity among company employees , integration within the professional environment and helping those in need. This year’s revenue of the Bieg Firmowy event will be donated to treatment, rehabilitation and rehabilitation equipment for the beneficiaries of Everest Foundation in Wrocław.

OSI POLAND FOODWORKS was represented by two teams:

  • Natalia Symulewicz
  • Daniel Ptak
  • Tomasz Macyna
  • Paweł Feledyn
  • Marcin Ćwian
  • Katarzyna Machowiak
  • Paulina Zygmunt-Mroczek
  • Mirosława Senftleben
  • Maciej Machowiak
  • Karol Musielak

In the classification of mixed teams „ Z ekipą pod wiatr” finished the run in time of 02:01:20, taking 169th place, whereas „Salesiątka plus” team with time of 02:04:42 placed on 252nd position.

Tomasz Macyna turned out the best contestant of our company, with time of 00:20:46 in the distance of 5 km.

Congratulations to all participants!