Fierce combat is over!

Friday 20th April was a day fulfilled with competition, combat and great fun for OSI POLAND FOODWORKS administration and accounting department and slaughter employees. All of that thanks to paintball game which was the main prize in the competition for the most beautiful Easter floral decoration.

Friday afternoon was an ideal opportunity for integration particularly because of the excellent weather conditions. Past 4p.m. employees set off to Serby near Głogów where they have been welcomed with a delicious serving of pea soup. Next they have been introduced into paintball guns handling. After changing their outfits for suitable overalls they were divided into two teams, both of whom had to figure out the most effective strategy. The competition was fierce and no one went down without fight while the paintballs with yellow paint were whistling flying past their ears. Barbecue at the end of the day provided an opportunity for the group to rest and relax.

Now we cannot wait for next competitions whose prizes will provide fantastic integration opportunities!