We attach the utmost importance to procedures ensuring safety of produced meat on each production stage, starting from the moment of delivery, through slaughter, cutting and shipping products to our clients

Purchase of livestock

We offer breeders high standards, fair financial settlement, reliable payments and contracting system; all of which promote sustainable development of breeding farms and increase purchase rates

Sustainable development

Globally, the priority of OSI GROUP is to promote sustainable development of the food market and balance of the food chain.

OSI POLAND FOODWORKS is one of Polish representatives of an American company OSI GROUP, a global producer and supplier of both fresh and frozen beef, poultry and pork. The company prides itself on its long, lasting over a 100 years tradition, as well as its great reputation on worldwide markets.

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„CULTIVATE” - Cattle Farming System

OSI POLAND FOODWORKS emphasizes and promotes the values of sustainable development through encouraging sustainable breeding practises. Our innovative programme, “CULTIVATE”, implemented in July 2019, affects each and every area associated with running a farm and ensures its sustainable development. Currently, there are about 24369 polish breeders, participating in the programme, obtaining financial bonuses for sales of their cattle.

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Earth Day competition

22 April 2021
On April 22, Earth Day is celebrated, considered the largest ecological festival in the world.

European Graduate Program

19 April 2021
For our European Graduate Program, we are looking for dedicated graduates for our three divisions in Germany, the United Kingdom and Poland. Are you passionate about sustainable food production? Do you enjoy optimizing complex processes and developing strategies? If so, we would love to meet you!

Easter Bunny in OSI

01 April 2021
The Easter Bunny visited our plant and left over 250 packages full of sweets and healthy snacks for all children of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS employees!

Every % counts

16 February 2021
The beginning of the year is the period when the process of submitting PIT-11 information by employers begins, and then the settlement of the annual tax declaration.

Cultivate - sustainable agriculture program

11 January 2021
OSI POLAND FOODWORKS cultivates the values ​​of sustainable development, promoting the use of sustainable breeding practices. For quality assurance at the farm level, OSI GROUP has established a new cattle breeding program covering the entire supply chain.

Santa's packages in Chróścina

11 December 2020
December 6th is a date well known to all children – Presents from Santa Claus!

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