Beef fillet

Beef Fillet is the most noble and the most appreciated, but also the most expensive past of the beef quarter. It is extremely tender and soft. It is separated from the hindquarter near the hip bone and lumbar vertebrae. It consists of the entire gluteus medius and a part of iliacus muscle (the head) with the surrounding connective tissue.* The main difference between the striploin and rib eye is lack of marbling.

OSI POLAND FOODWORKS offers one-piece beef fillet or selected steak cuts. Connoisseurs might be interested in our extremely tender beef fillet which undergoes the process of tenderization.

What to do with beef fillet? Beef fillet is a beef cut which cooks really quickly and does not require long processing or great number of additions to create a great dish. Beef fillet is most commonly used to prepare steaks, steak tartare or carpaccio.

*(A. Olszewski, "Technologia przetwórstwa mięsa")

Beef fillet

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