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The beginning of the year is the period when the process of submitting PIT-11 information by employers begins, and then the settlement of the annual tax declaration.

Since 2004, 1% of personal income tax can be transferred to public benefit organizations, that is, registered foundations and associations. It might seem that it is only 1%, but donated by millions of Poles can do a lot.

Daniel is our colleague and a long-term employee of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS, who needs help. Diabetes devastated his body to such an extent that several life-saving surgeries were necessary. Further treatment and rehabilitation are necessary for Daniel to recover. [additional information]

If you want to donate 1% for Daniel, enter KRS number 0000116200 in your tax declaration.

Julia is nearly 3 years old granddaughter of Kazimierz, an employee of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS. The girl suffers from Rett syndrome, a genetic disease that makes her unable to function day by day. Julia's family is holding a fundraiser that will enable the purchase of appropriate equipment for the rehabilitation of the girl. [additional information]

If you want to donate 1% for Julia, enter KRS number 0000396361 in your tax declaration.

This simple gesture can change someone's life.

Every % counts

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