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OSI POLAND FOODWORKS cultivates the values ​​of sustainable development, promoting the use of sustainable breeding practices. For quality assurance at the farm level, OSI GROUP has established a new cattle breeding program covering the entire supply chain.

In July 2019, OSI POLAND FOODWORKS introduced "Cultivate" - a program based on the best practices and sustainability criteria. "Cultivate" is the successor of the "SFS" program, present in OSI POLAND FOODWORKS since 2004. The original function of the logo was to maintain high animal welfare standards. In 20logo cul18, the OSI Group conducted a review of the SFS program and an assessment of the Polish supply chain. With the participation of consumers, issues were identified that required the fastest possible verification and improvement.

The program and its criteria focus on four key sustainable development goals: animal health and welfare, animal medicines, and the environment and farm management. In practice, "Cultivate" is to involve farmers in implementation, monitoring and on-farm measurements based on these four assumptions. Cultivate is committed to not only operating as a standard, but also to holistically guide farm management practices and work towards common sustainability priorities.

Today more than 10,000 farmers receive additional cattle subsidies through participation in the Cultivate program. The result is impressive considering the criteria to be met. Breeders may join the program on a voluntary basis. Then, the participant receives full access to the ASAP Akademia online educational platform, which provides professional knowledge on best breeding practices and improves farm management capabilities to become more efficient and sustainable way.

foodworks poz 084In the next step, farmers must undergo a program audit managed by an independent third party or OSI provider. This audit provides the comparative data necessary to become familiar with the farming practices used by the breeder. Auditors visit each farm for a breeder inspection based on a special sheet created for the "Cultivate" needs. If the farmer passes the inspection, he is included in the system.

The use of industry-leading sustainable farming practices by breeders and the entire supply chain brings benefits. Improving animal welfare and modern medical practices contribute to a better quality of their life and health. The environment benefits from better water management, the use of fertilizers and biodiversity on farms that collectively reduce their overall carbon footprint. Industry-wide results have shown that breeders increase productivity, minimize inputs, reduce costs, and increase income by implementing sustainable farming practices.

The "Cultivate" system helps Poland and its farmers to create a history of proper animal treatment, care for the environment and the cooperation of farmers in order to constantly improve their practices. This system also strengthens the cooperation between conscious breeders and OSI POLAND FOODWORKS, where cattle from certified farms are delivered.

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